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Several recognized at 2022 Cytation Awards Ceremony
awards 2022

Big kudos to Finance Service Delivery. We had several folks recognized with Cytation Awards. Stephanie Schoeller received an individual Cytation Award. Our Finance Service Delivery Assistant Finance Managers/Operations team received a Cytation Team Award and Heather Paris is the recipient of the 2021 Iowa State University Professional and Scientific Woodin CYtation Award!

The Woodin Award is a top honor for one Iowa State University Professional and Scientific (P&S) employee, who: 1) has demonstrated exemplary service to P&S employees, 2) has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond, 3) has a great attitude, 4) who has a true compassion for others and treats everyone with respect, and 5) has leadership, innovation and initiative. The award is in remembrance of the late Dan Woodin, who was an information systems leader at ISU, a four-term Professional and Scientific Council president, and an Ames school board member. He made a difference and lived by the following statement: “Live today, taking advantage of daily opportunities that will come your way, and live each day with integrity.

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TRAVEL UPDATE:  Beginning January 1, 2022, all in-state lodging providers must complete the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s Human Trafficking Prevention Training Certification to receive public funds for state employee lodging, conferences, meetings, banquets, or any state-funded event.

          Human Trafficking Prevention Training Certification Information 

          Human Trafficking Prevention FAQ

2021 CyThx Honorees:  FSD Employees recognized by #CyThx are Jane Blair, Suzy Blunk-Killinger, Joby Clauson, Marce Bruhn, Megan Rogers, and Jessie Radke.

FORT Dashboard Video:  A new Workday dashboard called ISU Financial Officers Reports and Tasks (FORT) is now available, designed specifically for cost center managers (CCMs) and grants coordinators.  WorkCyte Digest Article  
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"Everyone always takes special care to accurately review the details of the travel and make sure it is handled properly and credited appropriately. Many thanks!" 

- June 2022

"You are all so quick and very responsive. I always appreciate your willingness to help me." 

- June 2022

"I have had excellent service every time!" 

- June 2022

"Finance has been fantastic about answering all of the random/odd questions I come up with, and are unfailingly patient and kind when I make mistakes. :-)" 

- June 2022

"As always, top-notch customer service! So very helpful, kind, and amazing." 

- June 2022

"Response was received in a timely and helpful manner." 

- May 2022

"Help is always prompt, professional, and efficient!" 

- May 2022

"Thank you for your patience with my being new. :D" 

- May 2022

"The staff do such a nice job and are so very patient - when I attach the wrong documents....even twice did I attach the wrong document, and not a cross word was mentioned. Just a request to TRY AGAIN :)" 

- May 2022

"Absolutely great service, as always. The procurement people are one of the best parts of ISD." 

- April 2022

"I was amazed at how personalized and flexible finance was. Thank you!" 

- April 2022

"My situation was a doozie! I was able to communicate directly with two different employees who were handling the reimbursement and adjustments. They were both kind, professional and patient." 

- April 2022

"This is the most efficient service experience I've encountered. Great job!" 

- April 2022

"Quick and wonderful. Thank you for the help. I always have issues doing my expense reports so I greatly appreciate your assistance."

- April  2022