"Timely, thorough, and helpful response. I got exactly what I needed. Thanks!"  - August 2021

"Prompt and courteous service was received.  Very much appreciated their assistance."  - August 2021

"Everyone is always so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you for your continued assistance. You are soooo appreciated!"  - August 2021

"Everyone I have ever worked with has been GREAT!!!"  - August 2021

"Always helpful and professional." - July 2021
"I am very impressed with the service I received for my request. It was fast and accurate. Great service and experience." - July 2021
"Terrific service. Super responsive. Issue resolved. Thank you!" - July 2021
"I was impressed by the speed and care for my request. It was addressed very well. Thank you!" - July 2021
"It was extremely efficient to be able to send the information to finance rather then me stumble around trying to  figure out how a expense report works. Super helpful!" - July 2021
"The ISD finance individuals are on top of things! They are responsive, supportive, helpful, accurate, timely, and other adjectives I can't think of right now. Iowa State hired the right people for this team!" - May 2021

"All of my interactions with ISD Finance teams have been great! They've always been able to answer my questions or find the answers for my questions and I don't feel I wait a long time for a response." - May 2021

"My overall experience with assistance in paying invoices or rectifying expenses has been handled with great care and efficiency." - April 2021

"I love everyone I deal with in finance. The people are friendly and fast working." - March 2021

"Thank you. I really like being able to use ISD Finance for requests. You folks make things much easier than before ISD (I have been at the university since 2010 as an employee and a student worker/graduate student prior to that - so I have experience both before and after ISD). Thanks very much for helping me and others!" - March 2021