"I've come to expect excellent and prompt service from finance delivery and am never disappointed. " - May 2023
"Each time I utilize the services of Finance Delivery, I am greeting with efficiency and courteous service. I am thankful for their knowledge and support. Many thanks!!" - May 2023
"I really appreciate the team creating expense reports when requested. It is so helpful because it would take me much longer to navigate the process if I had to enter each one." - May 2023
"I truly appreciate the patience and grace with which Finance Delivery folks respond to "off the wall" questions from a finance nitwit like me. They point me where I can get data and how to interpret them. I can never underscore enough the value of their important roles. My deepest appreciation." - May 2023
"Finance delivery has been very helpful. My questions get answered and items processed in a timely manner." - May 2023
"Finance delivery is ALWAYS - timely, courteous and so very helpful! The speed with which they can handle tasks is AMAZING! Many thanks for all the support, all the time! " - April 2023
"Finance Delivery staff is always helpful. I've had a lot of questions recently about non-catalog requisitioning, and they've provided clear instructions. I love that they prepare workday tasks! It ensures that they are submitted accurately the very first time." - April 2023
"The Team provided me great information and walked me through the reimbursement process very patiently and professionally." - April 2023
"It's always a pleasure dealing with the Finance Delivery Team. Most places I've worked have not had finance delivery folks as responsive and helpful as the team here at ISU. You guys rock!" - April 2023
"My question was answered accurately and ISU Finance Delivery is always very courteous. Very happy!" - April 2023
"The invoicing and payment process always works smoothly here, thank you!" - March 2023
"I've always had positive interactions with everyone on our team." - March 2023
"Every experience I have had with the staff in Finance Delivery has been absolutely excellent. Whoever is doing the hiring and training in that group is doing a spectacular job. Thank you so much!" - March 2023
"Finance Delivery is always very prompt in their responses and eager to help when possible." - March 2023
"I am new to ISU and everyone I have interacted with through finance_delivery has been wonderful to me." - March 2023
"Very helpful, patient, and respectful feedback, even when I made a mistake! Thank you!" - January 2023
"Finance Delivery is QUICK and always courteous, professional, and most of all, very helpful! Thank you!" - February 2023
"I've always found your team to be prompt and courteous. It's a pleasure doing business with you!" - February 2023
"I really appreciate the excellent and timely help!" - February 2023
"I always have the best and friendliest service experience. ISU folks go above and beyond to resolve issues." - February 2023
"Thank you for all your great work! You make this seem easy!" - January 2023
"I am so grateful for the patience and help I get from you guys!  Thank you." - January 2023
"I am new in my role and I feel that finance has been very supportive and helpful.  Appreciate them so much!!" - January 2023
"Quick, helpful, accurate, and friendly. Couldn't be better!" - January 2023
"Great finance department and so helpful and patient!" - January 2023
"Always a wonderful and prompt reply when submitting expense reports and questions. Very much appreciate this and the service!" - January 2023
"My finance needs, are ALWAYS, 100% taken care of with courteous speed! My thanks for the skill and willingness to handle these details." - December 2022
"ISD is always super helpful and patient, even when I haven't sent all of the needed information to process my request. They're great to work with, and it's incredibly less stressful than trying to submit workday on my own." - December 2022
"ISD Finance is awesome! I appreciate everyone on the team." - December 2022
"My person did all the hard work, all I had to do was approve. I love that." - December 2022
"Very positive experience. Question was addressed promptly." - December 2022
"ISU Finance always does a great job!" - November 2022
"Very fast response and very kind communication. Thank you!" - November 2022
"This was my first time using finance service delivery. Normally my admin support staff processes my transactions so I was very concerned about using ISD finance. It couldn’t have been easier!  I received immediate feedback with a question about info I had omitted. My three separate tickets were promptly handled and closed. Very professional attention too!" - November 2022
"Our finance team is very great and very patient with staff and a pleasure to work with." - November 2022
"I like this new system, especially, the way I interacted with the staff who assisted me to handle the travel reimbursement." - November 2022
"Overall experience was great as usual." - October 2022
"I strongly encourage my peers to just send all travel items to FSD to process instead of trying to complete the EXP on their own - it's so efficient and fast.  Thank you!" - October 2022
"The person was very patient with me, even though I felt guilty for giving them an over abundance of information. They knew what to do and asked the right questions politely and correctly." - October 2022
"Always excellent and speedy service - thanks again!" - October 2022
"Finance delivery is awesome. I don't know how they keep track of all of our stuff, but I lean on them a lot and their knowledge and kindness is SO appreciated!" - September 2022
"Quick, friendly, helpful service." - September 2022
"Exceptionally fast response. Very happy with  my experience!" - September 2022
"This is an awesome service, I am very grateful for the help." - September 2022
"This was another timely, friendly, helpful interaction with your team. The responsiveness is appreciated and their knowledge and understanding of the processes is excellent." - September 2022
"In general I find the finance delivery people to be knowledgeable, friendly and straight forward to interact with. I greatly appreciate their assistance regarding the navigation of submitting expenses, etc." - August 2022
"Very thankful to have this option for completing reimbursements when I'm uncertain how to proceed." - August 2022
"This was completed in a timely manner. Appreciate the ease of the process with the PES entering it into workday." - August 2022
"I don't travel often enough to be familiar with expense reporting in Workday. I submitted my receipts, and my expense report was quickly entered into the system. Made things very easy for me!" - August 2022
"Very helpful and patient with me as I am new and learning." - August 2022
"A challenging purchase was handled very well.  It's appreciated. Thanks!" - July 2022
"I am always impressed by the ISD Finance folks. They explain things clearly, and they never threaten to call the cops if you make a mistake." - July 2022
"I appreciate being able to hand stuff off to the team to complete." - July 2022
"Always get the highest quality service possible! Wonderful assistance from the team! Punctual and quick as well!"- July 2022
"So thankful for someone to help me navigate the processes that I do not do daily. I appreciate the help."- July 2022
"Everyone always takes special care to accurately review the details of the travel and make sure it is handled properly and credited appropriately. Many thanks!"  -June 2022
"You are all so quick and very responsive. I always appreciate your willingness to help me."  -June 2022
"I have had excellent service every time!"  -June 2022
"Finance has been fantastic about answering all of the random/odd questions I come up with, and are unfailingly patient and kind when I make mistakes. :-)"  -June 2022
"As always, top-notch customer service! So very helpful, kind, and amazing."  -June 2022
"Response was received in a timely and helpful manner."  -May 2022
"Help is always prompt, professional, and efficient!"  -May 2022
"Thank you for your patience with my being new. :D"  -May 2022
"The staff do such a nice job and are so very patient - when I attach the wrong documents....even twice did I attach the wrong document, and not a cross word was mentioned. Just a request to TRY AGAIN :)"  -May 2022
"Absolutely great service, as always. The procurement people are one of the best parts of ISD."  -April 2022
"I was amazed at how personalized and flexible finance was. Thank you!"  -April 2022
"My situation was a doozie! I was able to communicate directly with two different employees who were handling the reimbursement and adjustments. They were both kind, professional and patient."  -April 2022
"This is the most efficient service experience I've encountered. Great job!"  -April 2022
"Quick and wonderful. Thank you for the help. I always have issues doing my expense reports so I greatly appreciate your assistance."  -April 2022
"I think the Finance ISD process for travel expenses is a breeze and I love it!"  -March 2022
"I've had several instances of working with ISD Finance lately.  They are always very courteous and helpful."  -March 2022
"Just a fantastic, efficient experience with mission accomplished.  Thank you!"  -March 2022
"This team rocks-- I've worked at multiple universities and I find ISU staff to be more prompt and helpful! Thank you :)"  -March 2022
"Could not have been better! A million thanks."  -March 2022
"Went above and beyond to investigate a solution to my challenge. Thank you!"  -February 2022
"Excellent! Thank you - I appreciate all of your expertise and help!"  -February 2022
"Finance delivery team members are always so efficient and courteous! This interaction was no different! Thank you for being so great to work with."  -February 2022
"I like the way the process is automated from the beginning and that I get timely emails. I know what is going on and I don't have to ponder about it anymore. Thank you.  Staff were prompt and courteous."  -February 2022
"I really appreciate being able to send these items to a finance delivery specialist as I don't feel confident entering them in Workday myself."  -February 2022
"Thank you for taking care of this order.  It was a great help to get it done properly.  I appreciate it.  Makes it easier for me as a faculty member that doesn't do these types of orders very often." - January 2022

"ISD was able to put together an expense report for me and it was super helpful as I'm not always sure what all to include. Really appreciate the help - thanks!!"  - January 2022

"The response was amazingly quick (especially considering it was during the holiday season!)  The staff was non-judgmental of my errors.  They changed what was wrong, I did the final approval, and the submittals were done.  Wow!  THANK YOU!!!!" - January 2022

"It was a seamless process--I appreciate the swift work!  Thank you!" - January 2022

"The whole ISD Finance team does a wonderful job at quickly and professionally solving problems and assisting staff with their needs." - January 2022

"As usual, the service we received was prompt and courteous!" - December 2021
"Excellent service and experience. Very prompt and professional." - December 2021
"I appreciated how thorough they were AND how patient they were with anything I forgot or did not understand. I appreciate being able to utilize this." - December 2021
"Above and beyond my expectations; this makes my life so much easier. My grateful thanks to all." - December 2021
This was processed super fast. I am appreciative!  - November 2021
Staff were patient and helpful. I appreciate their help and assistance.  - November 2021
I've had great experiences with ISD staff. They have all been very helpful.  - November 2021
Very professional and always helpful!  - November 2021
Prompt, friendly, and helpful response.  - November 2021
Efficient and easy to use - I LIKE THAT!  - October 2021
First time using system.  Got amazing email and site usage support all throughout this process.  Thank you!  - October 2021
You folks do a tremendous job!  Thank you much.  - October 2021
Very professional, helpful and fast service. Thank you so much!  - October 2021
The process was very smooth, user friendly, hassle free and prompt.  - October 2021
Quick and efficient and friendly...thanks for asking!  - September 2021
I don't know what I would do without finance delivery.  I don't use workday often enough to be efficient with submitting expenses and very much appreciate finance delivery taking care of it.  - September 2021
ISD always processes my invoices and requests quickly -- super easy for me to use!  - September 2021
Excellent experience.  No room for improvement.  - September 2021
Everyone is EXTREMELY helpful.  I sometimes make mistakes, and the team is always helpful.  They are GREAT!!!!  - September 2021
"As a newbie to this ordering process, this has been a wonderful experience."  - August 2021
"Timely, thorough, and helpful response. I got exactly what I needed. Thanks!"  - August 2021
"Prompt and courteous service was received.  Very much appreciated their assistance."  - August 2021

"Everyone is always so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you for your continued assistance. You are soooo appreciated!"  - August 2021

"Everyone I have ever worked with has been GREAT!!!"  - August 2021

"Always helpful and professional." - July 2021
"I am very impressed with the service I received for my request. It was fast and accurate. Great service and experience." - July 2021
"Terrific service. Super responsive. Issue resolved. Thank you!" - July 2021
"I was impressed by the speed and care for my request. It was addressed very well. Thank you!" - July 2021
"It was extremely efficient to be able to send the information to finance rather then me stumble around trying to  figure out how a expense report works. Super helpful!" - July 2021
"The ISD finance individuals are on top of things! They are responsive, supportive, helpful, accurate, timely, and other adjectives I can't think of right now. Iowa State hired the right people for this team!" - May 2021

"All of my interactions with ISD Finance teams have been great! They've always been able to answer my questions or find the answers for my questions and I don't feel I wait a long time for a response." - May 2021

"My overall experience with assistance in paying invoices or rectifying expenses has been handled with great care and efficiency." - April 2021

"I love everyone I deal with in finance. The people are friendly and fast working." - March 2021

"Thank you. I really like being able to use ISD Finance for requests. You folks make things much easier than before ISD (I have been at the university since 2010 as an employee and a student worker/graduate student prior to that - so I have experience both before and after ISD). Thanks very much for helping me and others!" - March 2021