Procurement and Expense Specialist Excellence Award

The purpose of the Procurement and Expense Specialist Excellence Award is to recognize Procurement and Expense Specialists (PES) who exemplify one or more of the pillars of excellence in their work, including:

  • Taking initiative
  • Assisting a colleague
  • Providing excellent service
  • Utilizing a holistic approach
  • Engaging in relationship building.


Nominations for this biannual award can be submitted at any time through this Qualtrics Survey.

Award winners will be announced in May and November of each year and must be a PES at the time the award is given.


Pillars of Excellence

Taking Initiative

  • Noticed an error that could cause an issue and took action to correct it.
  • Identified a problem with a process or procedure and took action to correct it.
  • Engaged in continuous learning to continue to develop their personal and/or professional skills.
  • Reached out to a colleague for additional information and/or clarification to resolve an error or issue.

Assisting a Colleague

  • Collaborated with others to solve a problem or issue.
  • Provided assistance above and beyond expectations.
  • Provided expertise and/or experience to resolve an issue.
  • Provided mentorship to a colleague.

Providing Excellent Service

  • Kept all individuals involved and informed throughout an entire process.
  • Took the time needed to resolve the issue, provide additional information, and/or exceed expectations.
  • Utilized multiple communication methods to meet an individual’s needs and resolve an issue.
  • Approached a situation and/or issue in a supportive and collaborative manner, took ownership and pride in their work, and maintained a positive outlook.

Utilizing a Holistic Approach

  • Acted in a manner that helps to fulfill not only the mission of Finance Service Delivery and Procurement Services, but in a way that benefits Iowa State University as a whole.

Engaging in Relationship Building

  • Built trust with individuals that created more active engagement with Finance Service Delivery.
  • Engaged with Operations and Finance Colleagues to increase communication, share information, and improve processes to ensure positive experiences for all those involved.