Accounts Payable 


Approximately 60,000 invoices authorized by purchase orders or supplier contracts are processed each fiscal year. Issuing a payment to a supplier generally requires a purchase order or supplier contract. Please refer to Procurement and Payment Methods on the Procurement Services Website for information on the procurement process.

Finance Service Delivery is responsible for the accounts payable function, which includes:

  • Processing payments of invoices authorized by purchase orders and supplier contracts.
  • Processing credits issued by suppliers for returned merchandise.
  • Expediting payment when a prompt payment discount is available.
  • Expediting payment when a department requests.
  • Assisting departments with placing a hold and adding a comment when there is a dispute with a supplier.
  • Assisting departments with understanding supplier invoice information.
  • Assisting suppliers with inquiries about payment status of invoices.

We strongly recommend that all invoices be emailed to Invoices sent to this address and bearing all required information will be paid according to payment terms.

Invoices must include a valid purchase order number or supplier contract number. The lack of a valid purchase order number or supplier contract number requires manual research to determine the funding source, which may delay the payment process. Delays in processing can cause lost discounts and strained relations with suppliers.

To avoid duplicate payments, we pay from individual invoices rather than statements in most cases.

Iowa State University prints checks Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), which are mailed the following business day.