Service Delivery Advisory Committee

Vision for ISD:

The vision for Improved Service Delivery is to enhance Iowa State University’s Finance and Human Resources operations by building upon our culture of service, fostering increased collaboration, and ultimately advancing ISU’s core missions. Knowledgeable specialists will work in teams to provide critical HR and Finance services to their dedicated campus unit(s). Expert supervisors will manage these teams and ensure access to regular, consistent training and updated technology and systems (e.g., Workday), and cultivate a collaborative team-based approach to providing consistent, high-quality, customer-focused Finance and Human Resources services. ISD Guiding Principles

Service Delivery Advisory Committee:

The Service Delivery Advisory Committee represents a diverse group of stakeholders that establishes accountability and serves as a link for campus engagement.  The committee evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of both Finance and HR Service Delivery, identifying areas for improvement. Customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational efficiency are the areas that are monitored by the committee through key performance indicators.  Feedback and data is used to measure finance delivery performance.

Service Delivery Advisory Committee Members:

  • Dwaine Heppler, Human Resources Service Delivery and Strategy, committee co-chair
  • Heather Paris, Finance and Support Services, committee co-chair
  • Dawn Bratsch-Prince, Academic Affairs Representative
  • Rachel Boenigk, Student Affairs Representative
  • Caroline Hayes, Department Chairs Representative
  • Dan Grooms, Council of Deans Representative
  • Nathan Hannover, Workday Technical Advisor
  • Megan Landolt, Communications Representative
  • Rob Wallace, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Chris Johnsen, P&S Council Representative
  • Kayt Conrad, Operations and Finance/President’s Unit Representative
  • Jenifer Berge, Merit Staff Representative
  • Jerry Zamzow, Research Representative