Accounts Payable

Invoices must be submitted to Finance Service Delivery (AP) for Processing. To ensure prompt payment, send invoices directly to The invoice should align with the original purchase order or contract. All invoices must be clear, accurate, and must contain the following information:

  • Supplier name and remit to address
  • Unique supplier invoice number (duplicate invoice numbers will delay payment significantly)
  • Invoice date
  • Include a valid ISU purchase order number or ISU supplier contract number
  • “Bill to” must be Iowa State University
  • No sales tax for tax-exempt goods/services. ISU is exempt from federal, state, and local taxes, including state of Iowa sales and use taxes (Iowa Code 423.3(31)) and, federal excise taxes
  • Cost per item, quantity, and description of goods/services provided
  • Current total amount due (not a balance forward)

Upon submitting an invoice, you will receive an automated response confirming receipt.

Invoice Guidance

ISU will not accept supplier statements as substitutions for a supplier invoice except when the statement is for utilities (electricity, water, gas, trash, recycling, and phone).

Invoices that do not meet the invoice requirements above will be considered non-compliant. The Procurement and Expense Specialist will notify the supplier of non-compliance and provide a summary of adjustments necessary to process payment. It is the supplier’s responsibility to re-submit a corrected invoice. Following ISU supplier invoice requirements will help improve the process and avoid payment delays.

A supplier may issue a credit memo for multiple reasons, such as items being returned, incorrect invoice amounts, overpayments, duplicate payments, pricing discrepancies, rebates, etc. A credit memo indicates that funds are owed to the University. The credit memo can be used to offset future payments to the supplier. However, Workday will hold all payments until the credit balance is fulfilled.

Alternatively, if the University does not anticipate doing additional business with the supplier or the supplier works with multiple ISU departments, AP will request a refund check from the supplier